søndag 18. april 2021

Mini La Passion

A little update on my mini La Passion. I made a part going to the edge of the quilt with 115 small 1/4" hexies. Now you can see that there are many hexies left to fill the corner, and there are four of them. So I know what to do the next two years. Thanks again Grit Kovacs for this beautiful pattern.

Hope you will be back tomorrow for the kitchen blog hop, and my day. Working on the last item for it.

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4 kommentarer:

  1. That is a long haul project to enjoy! Love the colors and pattern.

  2. I love seing the progress on your beautiful project.
    Thank you for linking up today ;)

  3. That sounds like a lot still to do, but don't think about the total. I know you will get there a week at a time, because you've done it before.


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