søndag 8. juli 2018

Nesten umerkelig

Med disse små sekskantene som er 1/4" er det nesten umulig å se at denne quilten blir større. Men min mini La Passion, med mønster fra Grit Kovacs, blir noen kvadratmillimeter større for hver dag nå. Og jeg koser meg med dette arbeidet som jeg kan ta med på ferie også.

With these small 1/4" hexies you can't even see that my mini La Passion is growing. But it really is, every day. Pattern by Grit Kovacs, and you can find other colour combos there too if you scroll down. And best of all, it's the right size to take with me on holiday.

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7 kommentarer:

  1. Oh my dear! I am so glad that you showed the photo with your hand to help see the size of your tiny hexies. Amazing!

  2. quarter inch! amazing they are so tiny

  3. SO very sweet and wonderful! Wow!

  4. Oh my, they are sooo sweet!
    What patience you have!
    It’s looking beautiful!
    Barbara xx

  5. Vilket tålamod du har!!! Så små hexies! Fint blir det!

  6. And I thought the half inch ones were little bitty!!! That's amazing!

  7. 1/4 inch hexis....wow....don't think I've made any this small....but love your finish!


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