torsdag 3. mai 2018

Hit og dit

Da har Lyn og jeg byttet nåleputer i Bea's nåleputebytteklubb. Og jeg har fått engelsk sjokolade, mmmm.

Lyn and I changed pincushions in Bea's pincushionswap. And I got the most delicious English chocolate. Thanks a lot Lyn.

The back side

Thank you Lyn!

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3 kommentarer:

  1. These pincushions are adorable! And Cadbury is the best chocolate. Lucky girl! Thanks for linking to Wednesday Wait Loss.

  2. Aww not fair you got Cadbury!!! Here around Easter there was a huge recall on anything from Cadbury, supposedly someone in the factory added something to the the us I you're safe!


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