onsdag 26. juli 2017

Et lite eventyr

Den siste uka har jeg falt helt for sydde kosedyr. Først ble det en elefant, som etterhvert ble til tolv. Siden ble det noen bamser og en gris. Har planer om enda flere, og prøver meg fram for å få de finest mulig.

This last week I've been in love with softies. At the beginning it was an elephant, and soon there were twelve. Later came some teddies and a little pig. I have plans for more animals later.

Hello, will you please tell me the way to the waterhole.

Yes, please tell us.

Time to wake up. You're having your consert today, aren't you?

We don't like this one, because we can do it better.

But we're thirsty. So good to find the waterhole.

I try to play for you all. Who's interested. Can you hear me? Oh no, I think all the elephants just like to drink today.

We're working, not relaxing.

But I'm relaxing. I'm so happy for your consert. 

The elephants didn't listen to me. I'm so glad you did. Come let's play together.

We can climp the trees and have fun. Don't worry, be happy!

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  1. Just adorable! I totally see them having these conversations - such a sweet family! Thank you for sharing all of them on Midweek Makers!

  2. what a lovely story you have made with your family see the elephants have been breeding rapidly.

  3. Those are so cute! I really like the elephants (my mother collects elephants, so, I have a soft spot for them, too).


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