lørdag 5. mars 2016

Lilla er fargen

I RSC16-utfordringen denne måneden er fargen lilla. Har ikke så mye lilla, men fant fram en liten boks med småbiter. To sirkler skal bli deler av en hel quilt på slutten av året. Spoleblokkene er gøy å sy, men jeg vet enda ikke hva jeg skal bruke dem til.

In the RSC16 challenge is the colour of the month purple. I found a box full of scraps, and made my first blocks this month. Two circles are going to be a part of a rainbow quilt. The spool blocks are just fun to make.

Linked up to ScrapHappy Saturday at Soscrappy and Happy Friday.

7 kommentarer:

  1. Pretty circles and spool. I make some spools off and on and they ARE fun, aren't they :)

  2. Looking good. I especially like the black and white background.

  3. can see some great blocks appearing with all your purple, checked my stash and was surprised I only had one piece of purple with white spots fabric with purple and a tiny bit id scrap, must amend that and keep my eye out for some as I do like purple

  4. Alt du får tid til :-). Flotte blokker!

  5. You've got a wonderful selection of PURPLE scraps. Have FUN!!

  6. another color I donøt have alot of...I cut some pieces out for some blocks, but not all of them+ oh well... but it's all fun :)


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