Wednesday 23 August 2023

Call Me Crazy Sew it-Show it Challenge

 Sometimes I have a feeling my friends and family call med crazy with all my fabrics and sewing related things I'm into. And actually I can feel crazy myself from time to time. But it's a good way of being crazy. After all I meet other crazy ladies on my way, and feel comfortable spending time with them. 

Joan of Moose Stash Quilting is organizing a blog hop showing many of us crazy folks this week. I couldn't resist jumping in. And I've already seen some really crazy things. You can do it too by visiting her blog post with all the links.

This spring I was stumbling over a FB group for hand stitching. I like to learn new things, so I jumped in with Stephanie in The Ugly Stitch Club. There I can try and fail, and everybody is so nice with each other in the comments. And I've learnt a lot. These hand stitched fabric bowls I made after a great tutorial from Stephanie. They are super fun to make, and I am hooked. We're happy to grow the group, so please check it out.

It's so calming to hand stitch these snippets for the bowl, and I had to make one more for this blog hop.

Here are some more pictures so that you may be able to see the stitches.

Please visit my fellow bloggers today. This is where you can find us:

Wednesday August 23

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 I have another crazy project going on, my mini La Passion. The top is now finished with about 17 000 hexies sized 1/4". Now I'm hand quilting it, and it's going faster than I had thought. You can find links to my two big hand stitched hexie projects in the side bar.

As I'm a crazy pincushion lover and maker, I have to show you my crazy quilt pincushions.  The back sides are pretty too. The nature here is purple just now, as you can see.

Thank you for visiting. I end my post with another picture of my two fabric bowls. I really love them. Thank you Joan for hosting this fun blog hop.

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  1. That's a crazy-great group of projects! The bowl is really charming.

  2. Your my kind of crazy for sure! Love those bowls. What a fun way to use those scraps we all seem to collect. But that hexi quilt. Oh my goodness. I can't even imagine 17,000 of them. What a labor of love and a treasure to be enjoyed and admired for years to come.

  3. I love those fabric bowls, but I can't imagine doing a hexi quilt like yours. Wow! You must be crazy--but you are right, it is nice to have other crazy like-minded people to associate with. Great post! (Love those pincushions too!)

  4. Wonderful assortment of projects! 17,000 hexies now that is crazy but also AMAZING!

  5. The bowls and their stitchings look so good, Turid..way to go learning something new! As for those 17,000 beautiful hexies, I can't even imagine sewing them. 1/4" hexies blow my mind, but if anyone could do it, it would be you. You rock the crazies on this one! LOL xo

  6. I love that hexie quilt and can't wait to see it done! the bowls are very intriguing.

  7. Beautiful projects, La Passion is gorgeous, and love the bag with the owl on it.

  8. Your baskets are so cute and look like they would be fun to make. They will be so useful, too. Your pincushions are beautiful, and your hexie quilt is amazing!

  9. Wow! That is a LOT of hexies, but it is looking gorgeous so far. Thanks for sharing your "crazy" with us.

  10. Pretty bowls, and all projects as well.

  11. Lovely bowls--and I can see you are already putting them to use. So good to your mini La Passion. It's coming along so beautifully! Love your pin cushions always. These are so cute! Thanks for sharing on my weekly show and tell, Wednesday Wait Loss.

  12. I'm not quite sure which of your projects is the craziest but I'm thinking maybe the tiny hexies. Love your bowls and the tiny flowers in the bottom.

  13. Such fun. All your projects are wonderful. I can only call you crazy when I think of the 1/4" hexies. Good grief! Totally amazing. I know cuz I've made a POTC with rectangler hexies and they were 3/4" and hand-quilted to boot! I do call you crazy but also fabulous!

  14. Oh my I think the hexie project is the craziest of all!!! But also absolutely amazing!!! Thanks for sharing such fun projects! xx

  15. oh, I am teaching something like this for our next guild year - but a small piece that can be hooped. Love the hexie projects and you are amazing to do all that lovely hand quilting.

  16. I haven't seen ugly stitch work before and I can see how it would be addictive - what a great - and unique - use of small bits and pieces! And wow your mini La Passion is amazing - and definitely a little crazy - 1/4" hexies are very very small!!

  17. 1/4" hexies???? Yup, you are crazy! But it's beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing all your projects!

  18. Thanks for your dedication and hard work in writing this blog


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