søndag 26. september 2021

Pincushions and nature

The last days I've made some new pincushions. One of them were filled with lavender. As we had a fantastic weather this weekend, I took them out for a hike and a photo shoot. We even met a snake, a viper, the only poisonous in Norway, and I was fascinated to see the beautiful pattern on it. I didn't dare to put my pincushion next to it though.

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9 kommentarer:

  1. Those pincushions are so fun! I'm glad you stayed away from the viper, though!

  2. Lovely collection of pincushions!

    The snake is beautiful. Perhaps, as you suggested on instagram, if could be the inspiration for a knitting pattern.

  3. Surprised that a snake survives the Norwegian winters. Love your pincushions. Will steal your idea and make some of my own since I have a bag full of selvages.

  4. Love your pincushions but not your snake. LOL

  5. Flotte nåleputer og fine naturbilder! Men jeg liker ikke hoggorm, hverken å treffe på de eller på bilder. ;-)

  6. Such lovely pincushions. I smile at the thought of "taking them for a walk." Great photos as always. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  7. Pretty pincushions! Filling them with lavender is a very good idea.
    Thank you for linking up ;)


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