søndag 25. november 2018

Adventkalender og litt til

I år har jeg meldt meg på tekstil julekalender. Fredag fikk jeg pakken fra Stoffdronning med alle kalendergavene. I dag har jeg funnet fram den gamle adventskalenderen og hengt opp pakkene rett framfor symaskinen. Mange fine måter å pakke inn gavene på, men innholdet får vi ikke vite før i desember. Gleder meg.

This year I participate in a textile advent calendar, and got all the presents from Stoffdronning recently. Today I found my old advent calendar and put all the presents up in front of my sewing machine. In some days I can start opening the first present. I can't wait.

Da var det tre monster på min lille La Passion.

Then there were three monsters on my mini La Passion.

Fortsatt mangler det noen blokker på denne quilten. Litt morsomt å ta bilder ute i mørket.

I still need some more blocks on this never ending quilt. I took it out in the dark and took some fun pictures.

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  1. Your advent calendar is lovely, and all those gifts look enticing. But it is scary how close we are to Christmas now!

    The monsters aren't scary, though. They are just good to see.

  2. I want to come and live in your house, your advent calendar with all those gifts looks amazing!

  3. It's going to be so much fun for you to open a gift from your Advent Calendar each day. I love Advent Calendars. Your quilts are stunning and your three monsters remind me of alligator or frog eyes.

  4. How cute! I just finished wrapping up my kids advent calendar, itsi a Minecraft Lego set.

  5. Oh! I understand now about your Advent calendar and the textile gifts from friends! This is awesome and what a fun idea. I hope you will show everything when your little gifts are open. I would love to see how this works. Gosh, I would have thought you’d have had enough of little hexies. I see know that it is a passion. Love your little peeking monsters. LOL. I love how your never ending quilt is coming along. You sure have a lot of patience for quilts made up of tiny pieces. They look amazing though,


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