søndag 22. april 2018

Litt håndsøm på en søndag

Mens jeg venter på at postmannen skal slippe en pakke med quiltetråd i postkassen min, har jeg tatt fram noen gamle håndsømprosjekter. Det ble noen nye blomster til min miniversjon av La Passion, og noen nye blokker til sikksakkquilten som jeg viste forrige søndag.

While waiting for the postman to drop the quilting thread in my postbox, I've found some old hexagon projects. I did some new flowers for my mini La Passion and some blocks for the quilt I showed you last Sunday.

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  1. LOVE your mini La Passion! Too tiny for me to stitch. I don't have the patience. One inch is the smallest I am comfortable with! Visiting from Slow Stitch Sunday! Jan @ Sew and Sow Farm

  2. Mini La passion is awesome. I am fighting with my red and white hexies, the saga continues

  3. Happy Earth Day to you; it looks like you had a glorious day. I've never tried wool applique but I always love to see other people's work, and your blocks are look great, even if that first one is hard to sew.
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