søndag 17. april 2016

Mini La Passion

I dag er dagen for HeLP for oss som elsker å sy sekskanter. Dermed fikk jeg hjelp til å ta fram dette lille smykket av en quilt. Har ikke sydd noe på denne på over et halvt år. Sekskantene er 1/4", så dette går absolutt ikke fort.

This picture shows about the real size of the hexies.

Today is the HeLP for Hexie-aholics day, and that helped me finding this little beauty of a quilt. I haven't done anything with it for half a year, but now is the right time to continue. The hexies are 1/4", so it won't grow fast.

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8 kommentarer:

  1. so tiny your hexies it is looking amazing

  2. It looks amazing.
    I'm looking forward to the La Passion Meeting next Month.

  3. I worked on a few 1/4 Inch Hexagons myself and know how hard that is. I am impressed by how much you already made!

  4. Those are so tiny...amazing and beautiful!

  5. It evokes fresh feeling to act. Wonderful contrast!

  6. Ohhhh this is a really pretty colour combination! So dramatic!

  7. It's so delicate. I can't remember if you have already done so but it would be so interesting to see a photo of the tiny and regular size La Passions together just to get a gist of the size difference. I find the smaller hexies very fussy to use but I love the tiny results. Good luck working on the tiny version!


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