mandag 31. august 2015

Mini La Passion - august

Litt vokser denne også. Her er så langt jeg er kommet ved slutten av denne måneden. Mønsteret er laget av Grit og er det samme som det grønne, men med mye mindre sekskanter.

This little thing is growing every month, but really slowly. This is how it looks like at the end of August. Pattern by Grit.

Linked up to Bambisyr and Fabric Frenzy Friday.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Love it! you could totally stop right there. I was looking at my hexagon pieces and don't think I have enough to make a small version, but it's so tempting!

  2. looking so good, I do admire you working with such small hexies I cannot manage them under 1" too fiddly for my clumsy big hands

  3. Mycket söt! Du är duktig som hinner sy på två hexiequiltar samtidigt!!

  4. Jag blir bara mer o mer imponerad. Det är ju superfint.

  5. It may be growing slowly but it is growing up to be a beautiful La Passion. The red, black and white is such a striking combination! Good work!


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