fredag 17. juli 2015

Jarekanter eller selvages

Før jeg dro på ferie sydde jeg sammen disse jarekantene. Nå har jeg fått laget det til to flotte grytekluter eller underlag. Og jeg har flere jarekanter, så jeg kan bare fortsette. Får se om det blir flere grytekluter eller noe annet.

Some weeks ago I joined these selvages. Today I've made two hot pads of it, and I really love how they came out. I've more selvages left, and I think I'll make more hot pads. Or maybe I can find some new ideas.

Linked up to Crazy mom quilts, WIPs Be Gone and LaFF at Richard and Tanya Quilts.

7 kommentarer:

  1. Great idea for selveges! These are so pretty and colorful.

  2. selvages seem to be very popular at the moment, think this is the best use of them I have seen so far, pin cushions also work well, I own up to throwing mine in the compost bin

  3. how wide are your selvages? I was cutting fabrics for backing and had to cut those off and was thinking of saving them for you, next time I HAPPEN to assign myself to you as a pincushion partner :)

  4. Nifty selvage project, Turid. Sure they will come in handy. I like how you used selvages from the same color family. Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation. I invite you to link your hot pads to WIPs Be Gone - we like to see finishes too. Ends Monday, midnight.

  5. Oh it so cute. Working with selvedges is such a great way to re-purpose.


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