søndag 21. juni 2015

Stjerner i juni

Med to nye denne helgen, er det nå 34 stjerner i samlingen min. Ikke lenge igjen til jeg kan begynne å sette disse sammen.

With two new stars this weekend, I've got 34 in my collection. Just a few more to sew, and I can start to join them.

Linked up to Slow Sunday Stitching and WIPs Be Gone.

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  1. Turid, have you seen the hexie project called millefiori? I might have to order the paper piece packets as it's awesome. LeeAnna

  2. Very pretty blue stars!

  3. a lovely collection of stars, wondering what you will make with them. Bought a new book last week all points patchwork by Diane Gilleland, very impressed with it

  4. Love your stars! Can't wait to see what you will make with them.

  5. So pretty :) Love the blue ones!

  6. So pretty! This is going to be a very happy quilt with all the lovely, vibrant colours. The yellow centers are perfect with every colour!


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