tirsdag 16. desember 2014

Pincushion swap 2014

Bea has been hosting a pincushion swap for a long time now. Here you can see what she made and sent this year. I've taken part in the swap from the beginning. I have many beautiful pincushions now, but always love to get new ones in my mail box. Today I got a new from Bea, and I had to go out to take a photo in the first snow here this winter.

Thank you so much, Bea. A lovely and steady pincushion, and it tells me that summer is coming next year too.

These are the pincushion I've sent this year.

And these I've got from all over the world. Thank you all for so much fun.

You have always the possibility to join in this swap. Make one pincushion and send one every month, and you can be a part of it for three months or forever (like me). Just contact Bea, and she will tell you more about it. Would love to have more Scandinavian swappers.

Linked up to Pincushion swap 2014 Link-up, Bea.

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  1. such a variety of pin cushions here thinking of taking part next year so watch out you might get one of mine!

  2. Detta kallar jag INSPIRATION och julklappstips!!!Tack Turid för du vill länka dessa underbara nåldynor till Visa och Berätta måndag/Bambikram

  3. Looks great! getting more to sign up because of this :)

  4. A nice swap! I like yours with jeans a lot, and the one you got from Bea, the Biscornu is not easy to sew. I had made a few of them before.


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