søndag 21. desember 2014


Da har jeg klart å sy seks nye blokker på denne hver måned. Til neste jul bør denne toppen være ferdig om jeg klarer å sy 72 blokker i løpet av året. Høstblomstene måtte gi seg til fordel for julesnøen, som dere ser.

In 2014 I finished six blocks every month on this top. I will finish it if I manage to do that next year too. The snow took over for the flowers this week, as you can see.

Linked up to Slow Sunday Stitching and Show Off Saturday.

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  1. So lovely--these are long term projects for sure! We are having our first dusting of snow--appropriate on this Winter solstice...I hope you have another happy year hexing-along in 2015 hugs, Julierose

  2. Nice colours! Have fun quilting your quilt

  3. oh, winter has arrived, that gives me hope for some snow here also.
    And you are the proof, if you constantly work on something it will turn into a pretty quilt in no time! Six blocks a month doesn´t sound like a lot, but the top has reached a respectable size now!

  4. So pretty! It's amazing that you have made such a lovely quilt in just a year of hand stitching!

  5. so looking froward to seeing this completed every time I see it I think how wonderful the lime green is with the turquoise wonderful colours here

  6. Yes - it's so pretty! I just love hand work.

  7. I love this quilt! Beautiful colors. It's stunning!


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