søndag 26. oktober 2014

Sikksakk igjen

Seks nye blokker, og radene med sikksakk øker i lengde. Har tenkt at jeg skal sy blå kanter på denne slik at den blir bred nok. Men først må den bli litt lengre.

Six new blocks, and the zig zag is growing. I have thougth of sewing a blue end to it to get it wide enough. But first I have to make it a bit longer.

Linked up to Slow Sunday Stitching and Show Off Saturday.

7 kommentarer:

  1. So beautiful! I think this would be fun to big stitch quilt with a variegated thread! Enjoy your stitching today!

  2. this is absolutely stunning! hugs, Julierose

  3. looks great, love the way you took the star pic

  4. this just gets better and better wonderful

  5. you are making very good progress! And a blue border would look very nice!


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