onsdag 22. oktober 2014


Denne nåleputen kom i posten for noen dager siden. Tusen takk til Karyn som har sydd den til meg.
Var ute for å ta bilde, og det er begynt å bli kaldt. Derfor var det godt å komme inn igjen til fyr i ovnen for å varme seg.

Autumn has come, and after a cold photoshoot out it was great to come inside to sit by the fireplace. This nice pincushion I got some days ago from Karyn. Thank you som much.

5 kommentarer:

  1. the chicken looks so warm in front of the fireplace

  2. Heldige du som har så mange fine nåleputer!

  3. the fire looks so welcoming and the pin cushion so cute

  4. I like the pincushion you got with its bright colours. It turned cold here also, we had a temperature drop with about 15°C in the last 3 days. It is time to get out the snuggly quilts again.

  5. I love your little chicken - he looks very cosy in front of the fire! That reminds me - we must order some logs! It has been so mild and warm that it is easy to forget it's nearly November!


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