lørdag 27. september 2014

Flere bokstaver

Synes disse bokstavene er så greie å sy, så jeg startet likegodt en ny runde.

I like these letters so much that I started a new version. Hope to finish both the two quilts before Christmas.

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  1. Love your second set of letters. I have been busy with the jungle quilt and when I saw the picture of the monkey on your first block, I had to check it out. I need some more photos of monkeys and I think I can draw one to look like this. When we get the next letter tomorrow I think I will start my second set.

  2. You have eager plans. I wish you good and fast progress with both quilts. I like the way you photographed them. That is a nice vintage book.

  3. You are racing right through the letters. I agree, you have really photoed those blocks in a great way. You will get the quilts fiinished, I have no doubt. Love your fabric choice.

  4. letters are coming along fine and nice choice of fabrics

  5. Jättefina bokstäver!! Jag har också funderat på att sy två quiltar, gillar mönstret :)
    Gun A, rutigt

  6. Oh I love this version and your presentation! They truly are just so fun and quick to create huh! I love how tiny they come out...can fit in the palm of our hand.


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