torsdag 31. juli 2014

Mini La Passion - juli

Søndag startet jeg enda et slikt teppe. Dette blir mindre, fordi sekskantene ikke er større enn 1/4". Liker godt disse fargene, og kunne ikke motstå fristelsen til å prøve. Men om det får 17 000 sekskanter tilslutt er jeg ikke sikker på.

Last sunday I started a mini La Passion. The hexagons are only 1/4", so it's really small. I love these colours, and couldn't resist trying them. But I'm not so sure that this one will get 17 000 hexies in the end.

7 kommentarer:

  1. You're doing another ONE??? and in mini??? you're crazy! :P
    Love the colors though :)

  2. Imponerende!!! Gleder meg til å følge med :-)

  3. Dat is wel heel klein. Maar ook ontzettend leuk. Succes.

  4. LOL 17000 that size, wont take you anywhere near as long !
    great colours too and wouldn't it look wonderful, under glass when finished, to hang on the wall!

  5. they really are tiny but look lovely and like the idea of putting them under glass is good in a table top they would look good too

  6. You must post a picture of both together, so that we can understand what a mini is. I thought the previous was pretty "mini" already :)

    Love, Sissel

  7. Wow that is small! 1/4" !! It looks beautiful and you have made so many already. Look forward to see this grow.


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