fredag 6. september 2013

Hus og trær

Har en engelsk quiltevenninne som holder på å samle opp hus og trær fra hele verden for å sy en by. Tenk det, en verdensby, med hus som er bygget i mange land. Disse skal få være med i byen. Ja, du ser kanskje at de allerede er på vei mot England.

I have an English quilting friend who is collecting wonky houses and trees from all over the world to make a city. Think of that, a world city with houses built in many countries. These houses are going to be in that city. You may see that they are already on their way to England.

Linked up to LaFF at Richard and Tanya Quilts.

4 kommentarer:

  1. I LOVE them!!!! They look so cute on the washing line!!!

  2. Sind die schön, das wird bestimmt ein ganz besonderes Stück.
    Eine gute Idee.
    Liebe Grüße Marianne

  3. love wonky houses, have you seen the ones Jenny of elephantz has


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