mandag 15. juli 2019

Finish-a-long Q3

Ikke mange ting blir ferdig her, for jeg liker mye bedre å starte på ting enn å gjøre ferdig. Jeg satser på to ting dette kvartalet, og begge er resteprosjekt som passer til Rutigt sin scrap happy day. Klarte bare det ene sist, men så var det også enormt arbeid med det. 

I like to start things much better than to finish them. Last quarter I just finished one of two, but so much work on that one. Now I have two scrappy project to finish.

1. Two pincushions
 I'm pretty sure I can make these two blocks into two pincushions.

2. Zigzag quilt

For the third time I try to finish this one. Do you think I will succeed this time?

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7 kommentarer:

  1. Cute blocks, they are going to be beautiful pincushions!

  2. Those blocks would make pretty pincushions and that zigzag quilt is awesome!

  3. Cute quilt - I bet you will be able to finish it! I'm doing the same as you - making pincushions from various blocks! Yours are so pretty!

  4. Din zig-zag quilt är så vacker, så jag hoppas du får den klar!!!!

  5. I saw your lovely finished pincushions on IG. I wish you a great finish on the zigzags this time!

  6. Pin cushions...sure you can do that! The zigzag quilt looks great! Is there some obstacle to finishing it? Sometimes if I cabn figure out why I am ignoring a project I can find a solution to overcoming it. Good luck! On behalf of all of the global hosts, thanks for participating in the FAL!

  7. Great progress it's been a while since we've seen the zig zag quilt!


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