Tuesday 23 May 2023


The last months I've been practicing kawandi. It would be great to take a class, but most of all it needs experience. I've watched some youtube videos, and studied pictures. I'm still learning, and it's so calming and fun.

Last week I had a class for some friends, so they shouldn't have to do all the mistakes I've been through. We had a nice evening, and all of us started a book cover. 

When I had finished my piece, it was a bit too big for the book I had bought. So I made it into a little pouch instead. When I found a sweet owl and a matching button to put on, it ended up just perfect. 

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  1. Lovely pouch! Your kawandi is beautiful, it's a fun technique to sew!

  2. How wonderful that you found a way to share your talents! Thanks for sharing on my weekly show and tell, Wednesday Wait Loss.

  3. Veldig kjekt med Kawandi..

  4. Super cute solution to your project being too big for the book you planned to cover, Turid!!


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