søndag 17. oktober 2021

Mini La Passion in October

Not winter yet, but I've started to close my windows at least. There are 121 hexies in each window, and I've made four of them. Don't know if I can have them all closed this year, but I try.

I've had questions about those windows, and why I do it like that. Even if the hexies are just 1/4", the main work is starting to be so heavy and big that it's difficult to take with me everywhere. Some of the shapes, diamonds or hexagons, are easy to make and put in after I return to home. It's all going in a small pouch suitable for taking along wherever I go. 

People always like to see the back side, and here I've taken some photoes to show you. Not easy to see the difference between the back and front, can you? I'm basting the hexies in the corners, so I can just whip out the papers, and don't have to remove the basting thread. The edges stay flat and crisp that way.

 This pattern is by Grit's Life. Enjoy the gallery showing many beautiful versions of this quilt.

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6 kommentarer:

  1. The back side is as wonderful as the right side! It's coming along nicely, and I bet you can finish it this year ;)
    Thank you for sharing your progress, and linking up with Patchwork & Quilts!

  2. Fantastisk flott og for et arbeid. Det står respekt av din tålmodighet.

  3. I totally understand working on smaller sections then adding them in later. Good to see four closed windows!

  4. Jeg er like imponert hver gang jeg ser bilder av mini la passion quiltene dine.Det er bare fantastisk!


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