søndag 2. august 2020

A bit further

My mini La Passion is growing, one window at a time. I'm also about half way through the next window. So maybe next Sunday all the diamonds will be closed. The original has got 1/2" hexies, and my version you can read more about here. This one has got 1/4" hexies, so quite small. Pattern by Grit Kovacs.

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  1. It's really coming along! Very beautiful! That photo with the flower is so very stunning! :)

  2. Both of your versions of La Passion are just amazing! You're making great progress on the mini!

  3. Another gorgeous quilt emerging.

  4. It is looking really good. I wonder if the smaller pieces are quicker to do, or slower because they are more fiddly? Or do they take about the same time to make and join?


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