fredag 16. november 2018

Pakke i posten

Den siste uken har jeg både sendt og fått pakke i Beas nåleputebytte. Sydde denne fine nåleputen med stoffer fra Island Batik. Fikk en ekstra symaskin på en nålepute fra Sandy. Og som dere ser, så har vi fortsatt blomster i krukkene ute.

This last week I sent and got a pincushion in Bea's pincushion swap. I made mine of fabrics from Island Batik. Then I got an extra sewing machine from Sandy. Thanks a lot! As you can see, we still have flowers outside.

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3 kommentarer:

  1. both great pincushions! You NEED to do a 2018 re-cap post with all the pincushions! My 2 shelves are overflowing, I think I need to move them back to my original 2 shelves and spread them out on 4 shelves!?

  2. Nice that you still have some flowers. I don't recognise what the top one is, but the little violas are cute - they grow and flower all through winter here, but I'm guessing that won't be the case for you.


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