søndag 11. februar 2018

Bold and brave challenge 9 - 3

Number 3 of the challenges from Persimon Dreams' Project Quilting was "bold and brave". I'm not at home, and without my sewing machine I really had to be brave to start a project for this challenge. I had brought with me beautiful small scraps of batik fabrics from Island Batik. So my brain was spinning around, and I started to think of hexagon shapes (strange huh?). I cut them out from old magazines, and started a little star. I appliqued it to a background, and hand stitched around. And it ended up as a sweet little pincushion, 2 1/2" square.

Tredje utfordring i Prosjekt Quilting fra Persimon Dreams hadde tema "bold and brave". Ettersom jeg ikke var hjemme ved symaskinen min, måtte jeg være litt modig for å starte noe med bare bittesmå rester av batikkstoffer fra Island Batik. Jeg klippet ut sekskanter fra gamle blader, og fikk nok stoff til en liten stjerne som jeg applikerte til en bakgrunn og quiltet rundt. Og så ble det en bitte liten nålepute da. Fra senere i kveld og de neste dagene går det an å stemme på mitt bidrag (nummer 68) ved å klikke linken her.

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15 kommentarer:

  1. Wow...such small little pieces...you are Brave!

  2. Those are teeny pieces! I love how your pincushion turned out!

  3. I like to piece small, but this is TINY!!! Well done.

  4. Those pieces are so tiny! Great job taking on the challenge. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  5. Amazing! I'm in awe of your tiny bitty pieces!

  6. I love this too! And you did such a good job stitching those little pieces.

  7. Oh my goodness--they are soo teeny!! I am impressed!!

  8. So sweet and so tiny. You did great.

  9. Wonderful littlel project! so fun that you “thought” this up.

  10. Love it - it is so sweet

  11. Aaaah! This is so cute! I love the way you used those teeny hexagons to make a star.
    Just goes to show what can be done without our sewing machines, eh!
    Barbara xx


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