onsdag 17. januar 2018

La Passion - 15 500 hexagons

Half way to the next hundred today. And with light and almost no wind, I took my La Passion out to take some nice photoes.

Halvveis til neste hundre i dag. Og med fint lys og bare litt vind, gikk det bra å ta bilder ute.

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7 kommentarer:

  1. oH mY!!! You are so close to being finished!! Are you just dying to get it done or are you savoring every minute?

  2. This is just fabulous!! So many little pieces all coming together into such a masterpiece.

  3. It looks lovely spread out in the snow. Those tulips are beautiful, too - a little touch of spring!

  4. Mesterstykket nærmer seg mållinjen!

  5. Gorgeous, love the colors and the picture on the snow is fabulous.

  6. Just amazing. It has been a long project but you are doing a brilliant job.


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