torsdag 31. august 2017

Quilt-as-you-go. August Island Batik challenge second try.

This is my second entry for the August challenge from Island Batik. Actually it was my first, and I tried a new technique. But it was a bit difficult, so I stopped, and made this runner instead. But I wanted to finish this as well, and I'm going to make another one later, because we'll need two.

Now I have a beautiful place mat, and I'll need another one too.

I started with a square of fabric, and a little bit bigger batting and backside.

I quilted on the fabric, but didn't go right to the end on the sides I wanted to join my next fabrics.

Here I've cut fabrics for the front and the backside, and sew them to the edge of the half quilted piece.

 Then I had to zigzag the batting to the edge.

When I had turned the fabric, both front and backside, and had ironed it, I could go on quilting. It's important to stop before you are at the end. That way your quilting can be continuous over to the next fabric.

So good to use smaller pieces of both fabric and batting when you use this method.

When you're finished, you have to quilt right to the edges.

I used that dotted fabric for the binding, and really love how it came out. 

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