fredag 12. september 2014

Her strømmer det på

Idag kom der enda en nålepute i posten takket være Bea sin swap. Tusen takk til Carol for denne nydelige saken.

Today I got another new pincushion in Bea's swap. Thank you so much Carol for this beautiful thing.

Linked up to Crazy mom quilts.

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  1. Så kjekt å få noe sydd i slike gladfarger:)

  2. Looks fantastic..I love rainbow colors.

  3. It looks great, I saw these on Carol's blog and saw 2 of them and commented that I could guess who it was for and that I wanted one, then a week later one showed up in my mail box too!! :) we're pincushion sisters!

  4. far too nice to stick pins into, looks quite complicated to do too

  5. so bright, ans so beautiful. I like the combination of black with lots of colour!

  6. Glad you like it:) It was fun to make.


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