søndag 13. september 2020

Always tempted

 When I take some time with my computer, I always find new quilts to try. This week I've started two, and I'm happy to use some scraps. I don't know how this will progress, but I hope to show you more next week. 


As usual, I have to make some new mini hexagons and let my La Passion grow.

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  1. RED for this month's Rainbow Scrap Challenge? LOVE those autumn-y orange 4-Patch blocks, Turid!! Looking forward to seeing what they grow up to be.

  2. I love how versatile the four patch quilt block! It'll be fun to see your project!

  3. Great colors! I love the autumn colors!

  4. I’m curious to see what you are up to with your new project. I like the colors.

  5. And you're not showing what sketch inspired you?


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