torsdag 6. februar 2020

Magical pincushions

I made some sort of a magical pincushion. You can use it on both sides, just look here.

I also made a mini. I'm trying to fill my glass, but it's almost impossible. There's always somebody here to pick up a new little pincushion.

And I got a sweet pincushion with embroidered hexies through Bea's pincushion swap. Click the link and look at all the beautiful pincushions made. Just contact Bea if you wish to be a part of this swap for three months.

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  1. Your “magical” pincushion is magical looking! Having both sides to use makes it a two-in-one pinnie. I love your jar of tiny pinnies. What fun to try and fill your jar yet give them away to guests.

  2. Too cute!!! I love that your jar is never full, that there's always someone to share with!

  3. great! I must have a magical pincushion :0) as the greatest Harry Potter Fan ever... :0) I love your cute pincushions, Turid!!!!best wishes from denmark, ulrike :0)

  4. You make such gorgeous pincushions, Turid! Love the “magical” one!
    How super to have the jar waiting ...... for visitors, and for more pincushions!
    I just might have to copy that. I wanted to give gifts to a couple of people recently but had nothing ready so it’s a great idea.
    Bestest wishes and hugs,
    Barbara xx
    PS the pincushion you sent me is in pride of place on my mantelpiece and I look at it every day, it’s so sweet, thank you again!

  5. Lovely way to use selvages! And your jar of mini pincushions is divine! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  6. That surely is magical that you can use both sides! Lol
    Yeah my newer pincushions seem to disappear your hair!

  7. In addition to your darling little sewing projects are the sweet tulip and bird pins!


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