fredag 27. september 2019

Mini nåleputer

I disse dager er det mange som syr bittesmå nåleputer. Instagramkontoen @tinkerellen har oppfordret oss til å sy nåleputer som er mindre enn 3"x3" eller 7,5x7,5 cm. Her er de jeg har sydd til nå. Håper å fylle hele Norgesglasset.

Many people are making mini pincushions these days. @tinkerellen has challenged us to make teenytiny pincushions smaller than 3"x3". Here are mine until now. I hope to fill this glass.

I've also got two new pincushions in Bea's pincushionswap. Thank you Olga and Dianne.

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7 kommentarer:

  1. Lovely tiny pincushions and your swap pincushions are pretty. xx

  2. Those are cute! I love the selvedge ones.

  3. So many sweet looking them all!

  4. Aaargh! No! Why did I follow your link!?! I’d like to comment at Tink’s to say how lovely all the pincushions are, and to share one or two of my tiny pinnies, but then I’d have to join Insta! and I really don’t want to go there!!!!
    You do have some gorgeous pincushions!
    Love them all, Turid!
    “Thanks” for sharing, my friend!
    Barbara xx

  5. Do you make a lot of mini quilts also? Having made 1/2" x 1" flying geese I know how tedious these small items can be. All so very cute! Thank you for lining up to Put your foot down, it's always a pleasure seeing what you have going or finished.


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