fredag 15. februar 2019

Good Fortune Mystery Quilt

Every year Bonnie Hunter gives us a mystery quilt, starting in November/December. Last year I decided to try to sew just half of the blocks. And more, I did them half size of the original. I also changed the colours, and of course made it totally scrappy. In the end I needed more than half of the blocks, and before I can finish it, I have to make more small half triangle squares and string blocks. But I have lots of four-patches left, don't know why. The quilt will finish 30"x30".

Her er så langt jeg har kommet på Bonnie Hunters siste mystery quilt. Har forandret antallet blokker, størrelsen på blokkene og fargene, men ikke mønsteret. Har brukt bare rester i denne.

First sign of spring today.
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10 kommentarer:

  1. Wow! That will be a wonderful quilt when your finished with it.

  2. Your beautiful Good Fortune looks just like spring, with the lovely snowdrop flowers appearing.

    Amazingly tiny pieces!

    There was a mistake in the instructions for the 4-patches, so we all ended up with too many.

  3. Looking lovely. Must get onto finishing mine!

  4. I just love your colors in this

  5. These photos are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Such a gorgeous design and I love the scrappiness. xx

  7. Så flott dette blir! Veldig fin fargesammensetning. :-)

  8. Well done! I love your colour changes. Thank you for linking up to the Peacock Party.

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