søndag 16. juli 2017

La Passion - 13 000 hexagons

Nå er denne blitt så stor at jeg iallfall ikke har plass inne å legge den utover. Etter litt slit med vind og regn i dag, ble det heldigvis mulig å legge den ut på verandaen. Å runde et nytt tusen er bare herlig. Nå har jeg bare 4 000 sekskanter igjen.

My La Passion has grown out of my house long ago. Today it was raining and blowing, but this afternoon I managed to take a picture out on my veranda. I love to round a new thousand, and now there's only 4 000 hexies left before I can finish this top.

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8 kommentarer:

  1. almost done! I have enjoyed seeing this quilt grow and grow - so many pieces, glad you have stuck with it and will finish this year?

  2. Wow, congratulations on your progress!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I love seeing this awesome project grow. I will miss it when you are all done but ... only 4000 pieces to go ... I'll still see it for a little while. Congrats on the milestone. ;^)

  4. "only" 4000 left!! ha ha, only.... it looks great!!

  5. coming along beautifully and now less than a quarter to do when have you to have it finished for? Fingers crossed you will make the deadline I am sure you will

  6. fantastisk............snart ferdig

  7. It is GORGEOUS!! I couldn't think of the 4,000 left to go tho - I wouldn't count until it was less than 1,000. congrats on being so close to the finish!


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