fredag 20. januar 2017

Flere varianter

Nye nåleputer dukker opp både her ved symaskinen og i postkassen. Kjekt å være med i Bea sin swap.  Denne har jeg tenkt å sende over dammen. Uglene kom fra Bea, er de ikke søte?

New pincushions are always coming out of my sewing machine, and in my mail box. This first one is going over to the US, and the owls came from Bea the other day. Aren't they sweet?

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5 kommentarer:

  1. Love the spider web quilting on your pincushion! The owls are darling.

  2. real beauties all of thse wonder how many you have in your collection now and how you display them

  3. let me know who you sent it to

  4. All very pretty, I especially love the quilting on your patchwork pincushion!
    Barbara x


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