søndag 4. september 2016

La Passion - 9200 hexagons

Jeg tror jeg har funnet det siste stoffet som jeg har bruk for i denne quilten. Nå passerer jeg 9200 sekskanter, og kan da fort gå videre med det som skal være inni den grønne rammen.

I think I've found the last fabic I need in this quilt. Now I'm passing 9200 hexies, and can easily go on with the hexies in the green frame.

Linked up to Slow Sunday Stitching and Show Off Saturday.

9 kommentarer:

  1. 9200!?? wow, almost 10 thousand, crazy!

  2. it's getting bigger - really like the dark blue you are adding

  3. My goodness, you are making excellent progress. Every time I visit it is much bigger. I think I would just sit and admire it all day, and never get anything done! Great job.

  4. So many, many hexagons. Hard to keep track of how many there are. And such a pretty design.

  5. Growing,growing and GROWING!! Amazing progress! 10.000 soon... Lynne.

  6. Wonderful job. Glad you found your fabric.


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