lørdag 19. mars 2016

Har du sett en lilla gris?

Har funnet ut at jeg ikke har så mye lilla. Men noen blokker har det blitt i RSC16-utfordringen. En lilla gris er vel ikke ofte man ser, men her har du en. En stjerne må den ha for å lyse opp tilværelsen for grisen nå når det går mot påske.

 My purple bird made of leeanna
was very interested in these blocks.

I didn't find much purple fabrics, but I could make some small blocks in the RSC16 challenge. A purple pig isn't something you see too often. But here it is. It's got a star to brighten up his day.

Linked up to RSC16 Scrap Happy Saturday and Oh Scrap!

10 kommentarer:

  1. Your pig is adorable. It makes me smile and think of the saying when pigs fly. They look like fun to make,

  2. I really LOVE your Wonky Star block done in PURPLE!!

  3. surprise to see the little bird again!! Your purple blocks are so pretty, and that piglet!!!

  4. We love all colors of little pigs. Yours is very sweet. He is lucky to have a star and a bird also. Good work!

  5. 2 good purple blocks especially like the wonky star

  6. Cute! Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  7. I laughed when I saw your purple pig linked on Oh Scrap, because I was there to link my own! There was a moment of deja vu... 8)
    I love your little cutie, and the star and bird as well.

  8. It's so nice that your purple pig has a star and bird to keep him company.

  9. love your blocks, the piggy is sew cute


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