torsdag 17. august 2017

My new Island Batik Ambassador box

I got my second ambassador box from Island Batik some days ago. Just as I came home  with it, it happened something with my left eye. I had to go to the hospital at once. After some days now with rest, and a visit to the ophthalmologist today, I'm better, but still waiting for my eye to stabilize. 

But at last I was able to study all the fantastic fabrics in the box. Here are some nice pictures so you can see yourself. Some of the fabrics are from the collection coming out this fall, so I can't show you all. But I can tell you that there's a lot of fantastic fabrics to wait for. 

Here you can see all the fabrics in a pile. The 5" rolls are great to use for whatever project you can think of. I've used some of it to make softies. And I really can recommend that.

This must be the perfect fabric for dog lovers.

I wonder what I can make out of this panel?

A bundle of fabric I can use in different  projects.

Can you spot some dots here?

Beautiful colours. These are fabrics to be used in projects this fall. I already love them.

A great neutral is always handy.

Island Batik also sell rayon to use for making clothes. I already have a plan for using this one.

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  1. My, did you ever receive a glorious box of fabric! Love that panel with the hearts/clover - how many are on the piece they gave you? Enough to make a small quilt? Thanks for sharing the bounty on Midweek Makers this week!

  2. I love your fabric and I hope you eye will be ok soon - I went through a lot of eye problems last year and had some surgery on it - hope it wasn't too serious for you and you will be able to sew those wonderful fabrics soon. what is an "ambassador for fabric"

  3. uhh what a fun rayon, didn't see others get this one, love your fabrics! hope your eye gets better soon!

  4. Gorgeous, especially your rayon. Can't wait to see what you make.

  5. By now your eye should be healed hope all is okay.Plenty to experiment with here do you have to use it all for island batik in a month or can some go into your stash?

  6. Beautiful fabrics! Can't wait to see what you create with them!

  7. Nydelige batikk stoffer. Blir glad av å se på de vakre fargene. :-)

  8. Love these fabrics and would love to get some of the designs in rayon.


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