lørdag 4. juli 2020

100 days, 82 to 88

Two more weeks before I can start joining these into eight books. Here are the pages this week.

Day 82
Day 83
Day 84
Day 85
Day 85, a children's song
Day 86
Day 87
Day 88
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onsdag 1. juli 2020

Test and more sunshine

As June was so full of sunshine, and July started the same way, I'm posting a sweet pouch for a cat lover and a couple of yellow runners. This is the first time I try the new blogger. I don't know if I like it yet, but I needed to test it.

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søndag 28. juni 2020

100 days, 75 to 81

A bit late this week, here are some new pages for my quiet books. I've started to make back pages for my 8 books.

Day 75

Day 76

Day 77

Day 78

Day 79

Day 80

Day 80 brings you another childrens song about a sleeping bear.

Day 81
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torsdag 25. juni 2020

Stitching Sunshine Blog Hop

We've been stitching sunshine all week in Carla's blog hop. And if you haven't started hopping yet, it's the right time to sit down and enjoy.
You'll find the list on the blog Creatin' in the Sticks. Thank you so much Carla.

Here in Norway we've had summer all June, and I hope to bring some sunshine to you all today. We all need a little bit of sunshine just now, don't we?

The first thing I thought about when Carla invited us to this blog hop, was the yellow hexies I just had started. I finished it as a bed quilt for the King and Queen, as you can see. The hexies are 1/4".

I have a quilt named Sunshine, and I have to show it to you again in the beautiful surroundings where I live. I love the fjords and the mountains with snow on. My quilt was just perfect for a sunny day in the nature.

Not a blog hop without some new pincushions. And this time certainly bright and shining pincushions resting in between the flowers.

These are my fellow hoppers today. We have worked hard to give you a little sunshine. So we would all love a visit to our blogs with a little nice comment. Enjoy.

Thursday, June 25th

Thanks for visiting, and have a great summer holiday.

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fredag 19. juni 2020

100 days, 68 to 74

Beginning to get empty for new ideas. But here are last week's pages.
Day 68

Day 69

Day 69 with a children's song about a bluebird
Day 70, a front page

Day 71, a pocket to fill with fruit pictures

Day 72, feel and listen to a page with sounds

Day 73

Day 73 with a song, but the cat left the party

Day 74, mathematics with stars

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mandag 15. juni 2020

Scrap Happy June

The 15th again, and I've made three new blocks for my scrappy quilt. Actually I made 6, but three of them are test blocks, because I don't know if I'm going to use sashing between the blocks. No conclusion yet.

Last month we had a snowstorm, but now summer is here. So all photos are taken outside this time. More scrappy love at Rutigt today.

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lørdag 13. juni 2020