fredag 18. september 2020


 I love making mini quilts, and it's a great chance for trying new techniques. Four times a year there is a challenge from Curated Quilts. This month the theme was plus-quilts. I've never tried that before, and I found it so interesting. I didn't make it to the magazine, but here it is. Size: 10"x10". Fabric: Island Batik

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  1. Such a sweet little mini quilt. I like your colors. I am always amazed how others choose quilt colors that I never would have thought to put together but look great all sewn up. All those pieces in such a small work of art! I imagine there are a lot of entrants for the magazine challenge. Especially with such a small size range. Well done Turid.

  2. What a fabulous mini!! I am glad you posed it next to a plant - as I wou;dnt have believed it was that small. The colors are wonderful!

  3. This is so neat, and especially when I consider how tiny it is!

  4. I don't know why your sweet little mini didn't make it into the magazine, Turid. I think it is SEW darling!

  5. Wow! Such itty-bitty pieces. It reminds me of garden with paths and plantings.

  6. Your plus quilt is lovely! I like how you've included several different types of plus blocks instead of making them all the same, with the big green cross incorporating smaller crosses. The fabrics work so well with the design, too. Great job all around!

  7. Adorable mini quilt. I also think it should have made it into the magazine. Great finish!

  8. Really cute and I know you love mini!


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