torsdag 21. desember 2017

Tutorial for my Christmas runner star

Yesterday you could read about my Island Batik table runner, Here I'll try to show you how I made the block used in that runner. You can use all your scraps in a special colour. And I can imagine that you also can make this block with mixed colours with a black or light background. I didn't have time to try that, but I certainly will later.

What you'll need for one block:
2 squares, 5 1/2", (1 red, 1 light)
2 squares, 5" (red)
1 square, 4 1/2" for the center of the star
4 paper patterns, 4", for the corner blocks, and some small scraps to sew them.

Start with the 5 1/2" squares. Draw a line from corner to corner and sew 1/4" on both sides. Then cut at the line.

You will now have two HSTs like these.

With the red 5" squares on top, draw a line and sew on both sides. Remember to start the line from the white corner to the red one.  Cut
You have now 4 blocks like this. Cut them to 4 1/2". 

Cut the 4" papers, draw two lines from one corner to about the middle of two sides on one of them. You may chose the angle yourself. Sew without thread to get the sewing lines on all the blocks.

Find small scraps to cover the pieces.

Sew the side pieces on. Remember to do it one at the time, and iron the first to one side before you do the next.

You have now four blocks like this. Cut them with 1/4" around. The blocks will be 4 1/2".

Then you have to look at my block to join all the pieces together to get the full starblock. Good luck!

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  1. Thank you for this tutorial on the star block. I will try this. Merry Christmas! God's blessings in the coming New Year.

  2. Tack Turid för din inspiration och länkning till Visa och Berätta måndag/Bambi

  3. This is a lovely tablerunner. Thank you for sharing the tutorial.

  4. Very nice tutorial on how to make the block. Thank you for linking up with the Festival!

  5. This is a very beautiful runner and great tutorial

  6. Oh, there's the easy way to do it. =) Thank you!


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