søndag 14. mai 2017

La Passion - 12 400 hexagons

Puh, hundre sekskanter til i dag, og en fin tur på den grønneste dagen i året. Og snart er hjørnet komplett.

Puh, hundred hexies more today, and a fantastic walk in the nature on the greenest weekend of the year. And soon the corner is complete.

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  1. Jorunn Aarflot Kornberg14. mai 2017 kl. 21:00

    Flott teppe og flott natur!

    Helsing Jorunn

  2. Your hexie quilt is so lovely. It must be very difficult to sew all together when it gets to that large size. You must have strong muscles in your hands.

  3. the corner is looking great and so are the rest of the pictures

  4. Great landascapes and good job on your progress with the hexies! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. What gorgeous scenery in fabric and in nature!!

  6. Beautiful scenery.

    This corner is so close to being finished!

  7. corner has worked so well lovely pictures of the walk too

  8. you have such vision, and lovely scenery to inspire your work. Good to catch up a bit Turid!


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