onsdag 28. oktober 2020

From The Heart Blog Hop

This week has already been fantastic and very inspiring, with so many new ideas in this blog hop from Carol at Just Let Me Quilt. Today is my day, and I hope I can tempt you to make a little sweet drawstring pouch. Actually you can make them in all sizes, but I like this size for my phone and computer chargers. And as usual, I had to make a scrappy pincushion. I also love to show you my beautiful country in autumn colours.

 I started with two 5"x6,5" pieces of fabric. You also need insides the same size. I wanted to use a mini log cabin block on the front, but you can also just applique something like you can see here.

I sew the pocket for the drawstring to the front to hold it in right position when I fasten the inside.

Then I fasten the inside of the pouch, right sides together, to the upper part of the front and back.

Then I sew the two parts right sides together. Leave a 2" opening in the middle of one side of the inside pieces, so that you can turn it after sewing. But before turning, you have to do the next steps.

Cut a 1" square from the bottom of both the outside and inside.

Sew all four corners before you flip the bag right side out through the opening you left in one side.

Close the opening in the inside by sewing close to the edge.

To secure that the inside is staying inside, just sew a seam around the bag. That way you also secure the drawstring pocket one more time.

What's left is to find the right drawstrings. I used silk ribbons for my bag, about 14" for each of them. Ready to put it into use.

For my scrappy star pincushion I used 1,5" squares. I love a wonky star with scrappy middle.

Be sure to visit my fellow participants today to find more ideas for presents from your heart. The rest of the list you can find here. Thank you Carol for this nice and useful blog hop.

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23 kommentarer:

  1. Your scrappy little project gifts are fun and useful. Little bags come in so handy for all the small items that can get lost in the shuffle or just be unruly (like charging cords). That bright yellow star pin cushion is adorable.

  2. Your scrappy projects are great and would be very thoughtful gifts to receive!

  3. Such fun and useful little scrappy projects! Thanks for sharing. I really love that wonky star pincushion!

  4. Aaah! Your little scrappy projects are beautiful! You’ve given me an idea for a way to finish a little cross stitch project I’ve been working on!
    I love your modelling for your little pouch, glorious scenery!
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Barbara xx

  5. Oh goodness, these are so cute, and I love all the photos out in the wild! Perfect project for using up little scraps!

  6. I loved seeing those sweet gift ideas travel around so I could see your views of nature. Wow, such a beautiful place to live! Thank you for the tutorial on that cute bag and, of course, I love, love that pincushion you made. Thank you for sharing, Turid!

  7. You do such beautiful work! Your little bag is darling, and the pincushion is so bright and cheery. Love them both! Your pictures are breathtakingly lovely.

  8. Beautiful projects! The fall colors in your area are gorgeous. We're still waiting for fall to arrive in Houston.

  9. Perfect! Both of your projects are fabulous and I appreciate the tuts, too. I especially like the tiny log cabin block you added to the pouch and the wonderful center square on the wonky star. Either of those would make super gifts.

  10. Cute ideas, thanks so much for the inspiration!

  11. Sweet little gifts, Turid!! I'm especially fond of your pin cushion.

  12. Your drawstring pouch is SEW cute! I love that little log cabin blog ... so sweet!
    And the star pincushion - very pretty!

  13. Your sweet little pouch will be perfect gift and then I always welcome pin cushions. great ideas

  14. Your bag is sweet but I am liking that pincushion of yours! Thank you for sharing!

  15. Such a cute bag with the adorable mini log cabin block! Thanks for sharing xx

  16. A very cute drawstring bag and pretty pincushion. Thank you for sharing.

  17. Love your method for the drawstring bag. Such a pretty pincushion too. Your pictures are incredible. What a pretty place you live.

  18. Wonderful projects, Turid! Thank you for sharing your technique for the bag. Sweet wonky star pincushion - both are perfect for gifts.

  19. Both are great ideas, thanks for sharing!!

  20. Oh my gosh...I love those little itty bitty scrappy quilt blocks in your projects! What fun gifts! Thanks for sharing...I am off to make some little draw string bags!

  21. I love the scrappy star pincushion, that had to very tedious sewing those tiny pieces. Beautiful photos as always. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down.

  22. Such a cute bag! Love your country in fall colors. Thanks pin cushion is a perfect compliment to them. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.


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