mandag 24. februar 2020

Hexies and more

Yesterday evening I did some progress on my two quarter inch hexie projects. As it was late, I had to wait until this morning to take some photoes. But first I'll show you what I found in a box. I made these flowers long ago, and now I have to find a good use for them.

I made two new sections for my La Passion. I'll need five more of each the next two weeks.

 After thinking a while, I found that I wanted this mini a bit bigger. Another round then.

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6 kommentarer:

  1. Tiny pieces, so beautiful! I love the little flowers, and you mini blue is growing!

  2. Hei.
    Veldig nysgjerrig på hva du skal gjøre med de to blomstene. Jeg har også flere slike liggende, men vet ikke helt hva jeg skal gjøre med dem. :-)
    PS. Fortsatt like imponert over all den fine håndsømmen din...også så smått.
    Hilsen Berit

  3. The little flowers are very sweet - they want to be appliqued to something.

  4. Love the little dresden plate blocks. Maybe they could enhance a purse or tote bag....

  5. So itty bitty. They're adorable!

  6. all this tiny stuff, I love it! You should show where you sit and sew these- have hubby take a picture of you?


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