lørdag 14. oktober 2017

La Passion - 14 100 hexagons

Når man ikke er hjemme på noen dager må man ta med noen lapper og sy på tur. Slik vokser teppet likevel. Denne delen skal inn der du ser de to hvite sekskantene oppe til venstre.

Hexagons are super to take in a pouch when you're out travelling. The quilt can grow even if you're not at home. This diamond is going where you see the two white hexies to the left.

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3 kommentarer:

  1. your quilt top is looking quite wonderful

  2. The diamond seems like a very handy sized piece to do while travelling. Hope you are having an enjoyable trip!

  3. you are SO close to the end, it looks great! also fun to see it next to the small one


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