søndag 19. mars 2017

La Passion - 11 300 hexagons

Mens jeg jobber med første hjørne må jeg jo sy på noen ekstra sekskanter. Teppet vokser, og farten er tilfredsstillende. Nå er det bare å stå på. Grit's Life har mønsteret, om noen blir inspirert til å starte dette prosjektet. Der kan du også se andre fargekombinasjoner som folk har brukt.

While I'm working with the first corner, I have to join some other hexies. It's growing, and I'm satisfied. If you should be tempted to start this project, jump over to Grit's Life, and there you may see other colour comboes, too.

Here's my inspiration for the colours in this quilt.

Linked up to Slow Sunday Stitching.

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  1. I hopped over to see all the amazing colour combinations for this project... wow and wow! I love how the greens in your project look like the wide range of greens in the spring!

  2. Great to see why you picked these colors :)

  3. wonderful - you are doing a great job on this magnificent quilt

  4. I love how well you interpreted your beautiful inspiration.

  5. mycket bra!
    What a stunning quilt.

  6. looks so good and checked out all the others but still like yours best green is such a lovely colour. One of our MQG girls has just started making one too but she did not bring it to the meeting at the weekend she says she will bring it next time

  7. Your inspiration flowers are lovely, and you have interpreted them beautifully in your colour scheme. I'm enjoying seeing your progress, 100 hexagons at a time.


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