fredag 13. mai 2016


Denne liker jeg godt. Tror jeg må beholde denne selv. Her ser du nåleputen ute i alt som spirer og gror her akkurat nå.

This one I really love. I might have to keep it myself. Here you can see it in the blooming and light green nature around just now.

Linked up to Fabric Frenzy Friday, Crazy mom quilts and Show Off Saturday.

10 kommentarer:

  1. Wonderful.
    I see you in a couple of days ;-)

  2. what a beauty, a lovely colour too

  3. Jag förstår att du vill behålla den själv. Så söt!!!

  4. Of course you should keep it! It's perfect!

  5. Oh yes, keep it: it is such a happy little pincushion. I like the on location shots a lot: I've never seen a pincushion up a tree before but it makes me smile.

  6. I like the beautiful warm colours. You should definitely keep it for yourself! Thank you for linking up on Wandering Camera!



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