fredag 1. april 2016

Kølnerdomen ble blå

Denne blokken var så gøy å sy at jeg måtte prøve en gang til. Og denne gangen ble det i blått og grønt. Her ser du den røde versjonen. Begge er sydd på papir. Og at jeg liker nåleputer er det vel ingen som tviler på.

This block was so fun to make that I had to give it another try. This time is the Cologne Cathedral blue with green windows. Here you can see the red version. Both are paper pieced. And I love pincushions, no doubt.

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7 kommentarer:

  1. Such a sweet finish. Never enough pin cushions!

  2. From the first photo, I thought it was a darling photo. Then I finally realized the dimensions of it. A darling pin cushion, Turid. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oops meant darling pillow - not darling photo.

  4. lovely pin cushion must start on my makes

  5. Yours is so cute. With the light background it looks very smart.
    XO from die Stoeckeline

  6. love these colors! now an orange version?? for rsc16?

  7. I love your "Et Dömsche"!


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