fredag 26. februar 2016

Små gleder

Nåleputer er noe som jeg liker godt, både å sy og få. I dag har jeg sydd en og fått en.

The back side.

I made a glass of cereals, too.

I got this beautiful pincushion and a measuring snail from Debra. And I had no problems with the post office this time. Thank you so much, Debra.

It's no secret that I love pincushions. Today I made one and got one.

Linked up to Fabric Frenzy Friday and Crazy mom quilts.

9 kommentarer:

  1. Just linking up to say hello. Lovely pincushions
    Smiles from

  2. lovely pin cushions especially love the Cathedral windows one, must have a go at one of those

  3. We share the same passion, I always like it when you show pincushions!

  4. Is that granola in the jar? It looks delicious.

  5. Sweet pincushions. They are like little works of art. Happy Stitching from Ottawa, Canada.


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