tirsdag 23. februar 2016

Nålepute til besvær

Det er ikke til å tro at denne fantastiske nåleputen skal ha gitt meg problemer, men det har den. I dag fikk jeg den ut uten å betale ett øre for toll eller annet tull. Etter mye fram og tilbake med tollvesenet og posten, kan jeg nå nyte synet av denne, som minner meg mye om en kråkebolle. Nå kan jeg i alle fall reglene ut og inn for hva jeg har lov til å motta fra USA.

I got this springy needle book too.

It's unbelievable that this beautiful pincushion gave me problems, but it did. Today I got it out from my postoffice without paying any taxes at all. After mailing and talking to different agencies for taxes and post, I can now sit dow and just enjoy the sight of this fantastic pincushion. It reminds me of a sea urchin. And now I'm an expert on the rules for sending things from the US to Norway. Thank you Sandy for the beautiful things you've sent me.

Endelig har jeg tatt fram min mini La Passion. Det ble to nye blomster, verken mer eller mindre.

I've done nothing on my mini La Passion for months. But today I made two small flowers, neither more nor less.

Linked up to Fabric Tuesday and WOW (WIPs on Wednesday).

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  1. The pincushion is lovely. I am happy you were able to take possession of it without having to pay customs for this gift.

  2. That pin cushion is beautiful! Sorry it caused so much trouble. What a lovely mini hexie quilt. Truly awesome.

  3. I was surprised for the first time that I need to pay money for a present from the US too. Your present are beautiful. I love that pincushion. You are lucky!

  4. what a delight the pincushion is, did not realise there can be a problem re tax will have to watch out as I plan to join in the swap in march. Needle case pretty and practical too

  5. nice you finally got the pincushion.

  6. Beautiful pincushion! Love those tiny hexies!

  7. The pincushion is very beautiful. The photos of it and the needle case on the rock is wonderful. The hexies are very pretty too!

    Thank you for linking up on Wandering Camera.


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